Dr. Ajay Garg

Chairman, PGP, IIM Lucknow

Members of Credence Capital apply their learning of financial and valuation concepts in their activities to benefit from market opportunities through intelligent risk taking. Not just trading, they are also involved in spreading their knowledge in IIM Lucknow community through events such as "BizWiz", that helps students solidify their concepts and relate them to the real world. They remain updated on what happens in the business world, set high targets and break them every time. I wish them the best in their journey and hope to see Credence continually achieve new heights.

Dr. Madhumita Chakraborty

Chair, Finance Area, IIM Lucknow

Credence Capital was incorporated to bring together bright minds interested in trading and benefiting from the opportunities presented by financial markets. As an investment fund, it has brought smiles on the faces of its investors by delivering returns beyond their expectations. As a club on the campus of IIM Lucknow, Credence has spread interest of finance, in general, and trading, in particular, among the students. It has contributed towards building the knowledge of finance and economic developments for students from diverse backgrounds, which will help them in their academics as well as career.I wish it flies even higher and let sky be its limit.

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